Full Members

  1. Speed IT net
  2. Extreme Seo Internet Solutions
  3. Innovay
  4. ASTP Tec Pvt Ltd
  5. Nalin IT
  6. MCS IT Campus (ICT Education)
  7. College of ICT (ICT Education)
  8. Business Network System
  9. IT Platform
  10. Iconic Coder
  11. Kale Systems
  12. ePixcell Solutions
  13. Uplist Pvt Ltd
  14. Sun Microcreators(Pte) Ltd

Ordinary Members

  1. DMI Computer Education (ICT Education)
  2. Apex of Computer Technology
  3. AppsLanka
  4. Winsoft Technology

Association Members
All members of Associate members will be NCIT Ordinary Members)

  1. MANFICT (Mannar Federation of Information Communication Technology)
  2. VICTA ( Vavuniya Information & Communication Association)
  3. Aaruthal

Professional Members

  1. S.Garigaraganapathy [Head, IT ,ATI Jaffna ]

Offshore Members

  1. Micro PC Systems
  2. Ceymplon *
  3. IDM Nations Campus  

Freelancer/Startup Members

  1. Mithu IT Solutions

Membership under process .Final Member List Will be Published Soon
Feed backs and complaints can be sent to < hello > @ ncit  .lk

Currently We have 30+ members and reviewing all applications and will update all soon once we received documents requested.