1. Introduction
Northern Chamber of Information Technology (NCIT) is the gateway to the information technology market and industry in North Part of Srilanka.
2. Here after Northern Chamber of Information Technology referred as “Chamber”

3. Membership
Membership Categorized in 6 type and Applicant’s main business Activity/Core Business should be in ICT
Membership types:
1.Full Membership
2.Offshore Membership
3.Association Membership
4.Professional Individual Membership
5.Freelancer Membership
6.Student Membership:

a. Full Membership only for Registered/Approved IT organizations of Information Technology and Communication sector in Northern Province of Srilanka which has Head office in North Province

b. Offshore Membership Only For Offshore Companies Who have branch office in Northern Province

c. Association Membership Only for Non Profit Organizations from Northern Province

d. Professional Individual Membership for individuals IT experts/Academics/Consultants

e. Freelancer Membership only for Freelancers and un registered, Virtual Companies

f. Student Membership for who are Studying and completed 18 years old

g. Membership Period starts in April of every year and it should be renewed yearly.

h. Membership Fee can be decided by Chamber‘s Board time to time

4. Board
a. Board member should have full membership
b. No proxy allowed for board meetings/representation
c. Board Will Contains 9 Members
d. Board members will select Chairman and Vice chairman,Financial Director from Board and will Appoint sub committees according to the needs
e. Board may appoint CEO, Accountant and Staff for Execution
f. Chamber may have Secretariat
g. Board meeting Quorum is 5
h.Board member should not be in any Executive committee of Same objective regional same sector Organization where that organization not partnered with NCIT.
i. Proposed Composition for Board’s 9 members
1. Technology & Development: 3
2. Hardware and Networking:2
3. Education and Training:2
4. Service ,Innovation and General Forum: 2

5. Removal/Replacing
a) If a Board member resigns from board it will be considered as vacancy.
b) Vacancy of board can be filled by only in fallowed Chamber General Meeting by getting majority votes
c) Removal or Replacing the Board member can be done only in the Chamber AGM
6. Finance
a) Separate Bank Account should be maintained for Chamber, its financial activities should be controlled by Board of Chamber
b) Chairman and Financial Director Should sign for withdrawal from Banks and in Cheques

7. Infra Structure

Chamber will have fallowing Sections
a. Board of Directors [9 members who have full membership ]
b. Advisory Board [ University : 2, Tech: 1, Legal:1, Finance:1]
c. General Body [ All Members ]
d. Investor Board with Foreign Members [ Open ]
e. Freelancer Chapter [ un registered Orgs, Individual in Commercial Tech ]
f. Student Chapter [ Interested Students ]
g. Sub Committees[ 2 Board Member + General Body 3 Members]
h. ICT Job Bank
i. Secretariat [ Appointed CEO, Accountant , Staff]

8. Core Sectors:
a. Software
b. Service
c. Hardware
d. Training
e. Communication

9. Objectives:

a. Create opportunities for all members
b. Working for mutual benefit
c. Standardizing the Service Quality and Policies on IT sector in North
d. improving the quality of the member organizations to compete with global market
e. Encourage foreign, North -East and national investments into the Northern market of information technology and communication with the collaboration of north people.
f. Creating career opportunities here in North
g. Providing technical assistance & consultations on advanced technology within its chambers
h. Creating links with Existing Chambers, Organizations in local, national and global.
i. Helping growing start-ups in Northern Province
j. Helping to Region development.

10. Member Benefits
It will be defined according to the membership type.

11. Amendments on By Laws

Amendments of Bylaws can be made with 2/3 of vote in AGM

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