Seminar on Computerization of Business in Mannar

NCIT supports  the event which is going to be organized  by MANFICT in Mannar on 24th October. MANFIT is a association member which conducting a seminar for business people and ICT teachers to embower and uplift Mannar  district business through digitizing all its operations to compete with the current business word .event sheduled  with the collaborating with NCIT and WUSC.

Event will be  held at Hotel Akash on 24th October 2017 9AM to 3PM. Mannar District Government agent Mr.M.Y.S.Deshapriya has been  invited as Chief guest

Topics going to be covered:
-Digital Tools and Service Opportunities available for Small Medium Enterprises.
-Tamil Software and Apps available for Small Medium Enterprises.
-How to enhance the Small Medium Enterprises through the Digital Marketing.
-How to transform the business to E commerce platform

Session 1
Y.Sharmick          :  Digital Tools and Service for  SME (30Min)
சிறிய நடுத்தர வணிகங்களுக்கான  இலத்திரனியல் சாதனங்களும் சேவைகளும்
What are  Digital Tools and Service Opporunities available  for Small medium Enterprice Business
Session 2
Muralitharan Mayuran:  Apps and Software in Tamil   (40Min)
தமிழ் மென் பொருட்களும்  செயலிகளும்
What are  Tamil Software s and Apps  available  for Small medium Enterprise  Business
Session 3
Sharanyan Sharma    :  Digital Marketing for SME (30Min)
சிறிய நடுத்தர வணிகங்களுக்கான இலத்திரனியல் சந்தைப்படுத்தல் முறைகள்
How to enhance the Small Medium Enterprise through the Digital marketing
T.Thavaruban        :  Bringing SMEs onto the e-Commerce Highway (30Min)
சிறிய நடுத்தர வணிக நடவடிக்கைகளை மின்வணிகப்பாதைக்கு கொண்டுவருதல்
How to transform the business to E commerce platform ,What are the challenges and Solutions available now

Only 70 Seats Available. More Details

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