SLASSCOM presents Sri Lanka’s Largest IT/BPM week, 2021. NCIT On Board as Event Partner

SLASSCOM presents Sri Lanka’s Largest IT/BPM week, 2021.
To give you the best experience of this workshop we have curated the best 10 topics for any school student: Uni Student: Graduate: Startup up: not only for knowledge sharing but also with attractive job opportunities to apply on each day and chances to win gift vouchers!
What can you expect throughout a whole week ?
1. IT / BPM Industry in Sri Lanka: What to expect during next 5 years
2. IT Internships: CEO’s and University Students Perspective
3. Finance Sector Mentoring for the growth of IT Startups and SMEs
4. Step into the world of IT: Guide for School Students and Parents
5. Opportunities in BPM: Launch of the BPM Handbook
6. Women in Tech: Overcoming the Challenges
7. Growth of IT Industry in Regions: A Success Story
8. Building Robust Applications With Microservices
9. Is ESG only for big Companies?
10. Quality Engineering vs Quality Assurance: Industry Perspective.
Get yourselves ready!
From 27th November to 3rd December, two sessions each day from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm!
Registration is 100% free!
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