Startup Weekend Vanni was Successfull end for Startup Weekend Journey in 2016

Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities which introduced by Techstars.

Startup Weekend  is a 54-hour event that brings together Sri Lankan Startup Entrepreneurs like designers, developers, Techies, and experts from all domains to do amazing things. The first Startup Sri Lanka is held at Jaffna on 24th-26th June. NCIT initiated this event in Srilanka as First ever International Technology event in Jaffna and First ever Startup weekend in Srilanka.

There after   Startup Weekend Vanni was happened in Kilinochchi @ Engineering Faculty ,University of Jaffna. It is the third Startup Weekend in Srilanka and first tech event in Kilinochchi. From initial stage NCIT was the Community partner for Startup Weekend events in Northern province.

NCIT was taken key role in this event by contributing 3  organizing committee members and linked with ICTA as National Partner for this event.

Ten teams were selected for final pitch and 3 were announced as winners   in Startup weekend Vanni.

Final Teams as fallows

Laptops like our phones can do everything we need from wasting time on Facebook to getting work done. However, they both have one common weakness: batteries. This team wants to help mitigate that weakness in laptops. They want to help you charge your laptop’s battery by using your keyboard.

The previous startup wanted to help you charge your laptop’s battery. This startup wants to help you charge your phone’s battery. To do so, the team is offering a solution to charge your phone with sound. This is done with the use of a device that uses the power of vibrations and converts it into electricity.

How Am I?
If you see a shirt, dress, or a pair of pants that looks great the only way of being sure it fits is by trying it out in a trial. This team wants to help eliminate the need to try clothes to see if they fit. The team proposed an idea for an augmented reality app

Kinder Med
70% of young children refuse to take medicine. But all of them love to play games. This team wants to build a game that encourages young children to take their medicines. The game is a mobile app that works in conjunction with the Kinder Feeder – an IOT device tracking if your kid took their medication.

Travel with Me
This team is planning to build a social network that helps connect travelers. So, if you’re traveling from Colombo to Jaffna, then you can find a travel buddy. Travel with Me would tell you exactly where and how your travel buddy will be traveling. The team is primarily aiming this social network at local travelers within Sri Lanka. However, it isn’t free. The first month is free for all users. But after the second month, you’d have to pay a subscription fee. Travel with Me hopes to obtain 10,000 users by the next year.

Here’s a team at Startup Weekend Vanni that wants to help you find a parking spot. eZ-park is an app that would let you know, which parking spots are available around you. Additionally, the app would also let you book a parking spot in advance. Of course, to reserve a parking slot you will have to pay a reservation fee. However, to secure your parking slot you will have to count on the security personnel of the carpark.

Building devices can be a complex task, to say the least. As such, many children are discouraged from entering the science lab to hack and build devices. e-Toy wants to change that. They are offering a toy kit that children can combine to build devices.

One of the biggest challenges during your schooling life would be exams. One of the most challenging exams would be chemistry for some of us. The team behind Cheese wants to make this challenge a bit easier. Cheese is an app, that offers notes, video lectures and even quizzes to help students pass chemistry exams. Initially, the team will be focusing on chemistry. Once they get the formula right, they’ll be expanding to other subjects.

Insector is a device that wants to help farmers protect their harvests. It does this by detecting insects and helping farmers stop them without resorting to pesticides. Insector does this emitting sounds at frequencies that help repel different types of insects.

Safe Crossing
Train accidents are a common and deadly occurrence. Railway crossings do have protective measures in place. However, these aren’t always effective. Safe Crossing wants to change this.  Safe Crossing team pitched an app that could help save your life at a railway crossing.

Winners of Startup Weekend Vanni were as follows:

  • The most innovative idea was V-Charge
  • 3rd place went to How Am I?
  • 2nd place belonged to e-Toy
  • Kinder Med walked away with 1st place

The first tech event to take place in Kilinochchi, powered by ,NCIT,Slasscom, ICTA, 99X Technology and Seylan Bank,Rotary Club of Colombo West with the support of Digital media Partner Readme , Print media Partner Tamilmirror and Messaging partner Shoutout: Startup Weekend Vanni came to an end.

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